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School apparel for less, so your resources can do more.


3 uniform options

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The most cost effective way to purchase uniforms through Missionwear is to pre order. This will allow you to have all the uniforms you need for the entire year and give you the peace of mind to know you have uniforms available for each student you serve.



Don’t want to purchase the uniforms all at once, or not sure who will purchase uniforms from you? This option is for you! You can preorder what you need, and create an online store to allow your families to order what they want.

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Are you tight on storage space, or don’t have the funds to pre order your uniforms? The online store will allow your parents to simply order online, however each store has an end date. After the end date, getting more uniforms could cost more or be out of stock.


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Our Promise


We believe in excellent customer service for you and your school.

Customer Service is a small part of your success as a school, and our staff is ready and willing to play their part.


We believe in providing a cost savings to your school and your families.

Helping you save funds on school apparel items simply helps you reroute them to where those funds are needed most - the classroom.


We believe in more than school apparel; we believe in education.

Our staff members have experience in education and are passionate about this mission. Our company was started to exclusively serve Title I schools. We will be more than a vendor; we will be your partner.

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Working with Missionwear has to be the easiest part of my job. They make the entire process of purchasing uniforms easy: the customer service is world-class, the communication is top-notch, and I’ve never had a parent who was unable to afford our uniforms! I consider Mission Wear to be a weight lifter- not only for myself, but for our families.
— Leadership Prep Charter School
Missionwear makes designing and ordering t-shirts and other items so easy. The customer service is truly amazing. I know I can bring an idea to them and they will create exactly what we want, at a price students can afford, in the time frame we need. Missionwear is one of the most supportive companies I work with during the school year.
— Brownsville Road Elementary
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