What is your standard order process?
It's simple! You contact us with info on what type of items you need, and we send you a quote within 24 hours. Once pricing is approved, we move forward on designing your items, and the design is sent to you within 24 hours. Once the design is approved and you send sizes and quantities you need, we produce the items and ship them directly to you.

When should I start the order process?
We recommend beginning a project 3 weeks or so before you need items in hand to give our designers time to get you exactly what you want. More cushion as far as time equals a more creative, unique product.

Do you have order minimums?
No. A lower quantity does affect your pricing for screen printing, but not for embroidery. The lower the number of items you screen print, the higher your cost.

What is your production turn around time for orders?
We have a production time of 7-10 days after we complete art and gather sizes needed from you.

Do you charge for art?
No, that's one of our favorite things we offer schools we partner with. One hour of free graphic design for a custom, one-of-a-kind creation for your school. 

Are there any other additional fees with your pricing?
No, what you see is your final per shirt price. We do not charge for art, screens, etc. Any fee like setting up a logo for embroidery we will always communicate to you on the front end. You will never be surprised after receiving an invoice from us, and we do not include hidden fees.

Who pays for shipping?
The school pays for shipping, but we do offer you our discounted FedEx shipping rate. We simply pass that savings right along to you.

How does the payment process work?
Once an order is complete and we begin production, you receive an invoice emailed directly to the point person working on the order. You always have 30 days to pay and we take check or card. You can pay with card via the link on the invoice (online) or over the phone at 901-462-9976.